I can tell you why – and what to do about it.
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It won't happen overnight.  But IF you keep working at it a few minutes every day ... marketing magic  WILL happen!
After you've written and published your book, you have to learn how to market and sell it.  For many, marketing and selling is a whole new learning curve.  It is a learning curve I can help you learn AND master.
Self Publishing is not JUST about writing a book.
Many beginning, and even seasoned authors make the same mistakes. Mistakes that cost them sales.  Mistakes that are easy to fix – once you identify them.
I can tell you why – and help you fix it!
Hey there! I’m Melanie, and I've been a freelance writer for over 40 years. You’re reading this, so I'm betting you’re looking for ways to improve your book sales. You wrote a book because you had a dream. People should be streaming over to Amazon and  lining up to buy,  RIGHT?

So, why aren’t they?
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